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The internet has changed the way people communicate and do work. When the internet was made available to the general public, the usual messy paper work and documentation has been made easier. Instead of using tons of paper and physically completing a number of tasks including reports, the internet has made it possible to automate the creation of sending reports. With these new technologies and applications, productivity has been enhanced substantially. The internet has also simplified communications through social media, and it also changed the way people shop. Today, the internet is home to thousands of websites that are designed as retail shops, with an objective to simplify the shopping experience. You can even shop at supermarkets, and this can be ordering the items from the website, and the items will delivered to your home. Also, digital downloads are now made possible, especially in the field of music. Instead of buying physical media like books and CDs, these can be directly downloaded to your computer.

Here are common transactions you need to complete when buying online:

  • Browsing through the catalog, and checking the specifications of the products
  • Adding products into a ‘virtual basket’
  • Passing through the virtual check-out
  • Choosing your preferred payment merchant and method of delivery
  • Confirming the order
  • Confirmation of shipping

Benefits of online shopping and web-based technologies

One of the primary advantages of online shopping and the other technologies that come with it is convenience. There’s no longer the need to personally visit the a store just to check out the latest offerings. With online commerce, you can complete your shopping experience through the the help of the internet. Also, the internet provides opportunities to score points and get free shopping money that can be used to pay for products. There are some websites online that allow you to shop and get rebates in return. These websites are designed as online portals where you can select stores to shop for items, and in return you get rebates. If you want to get more money that can be used for online shopping, you can always take part in paid surveys like Toluna that allows you to earn on your free time.

Greater variety of cheap goods

Online shopping is also seen as a better option since it offers customers like you a chance to access a wide variety of products. Many online sellers will specialize in certain products, but there are other sellers that will invest in a variety of products to keep shoppers satisfied. Also, online shopping is best known for its cheap prices compared to its brick and mortar counterparts. Traditional stores have to worry about maintenance expenses including rent, salary of workers and other overhead expenses.. Since the brick-and-mortar stores are faced with too many expenses, they end up offering products at higher prices. This is not the case with online stores where owners face minimal expenses, thus they can price items at lower prices. These benefits make online shopping a viable and interesting option for many shoppers.