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Is there a connection between music and creativity, and how does music impact the creative side of a person? These are popular concerns raised by individuals who have studied and appreciated music through the years, and saw a possible link between the two. And if you are also looking for answers, then you should know that music has a special way and power of influencing your brain and your imagination. Music can also spur your mind to do creative things, and this was even reported many times throughout history. According to the biographers of Tchaikovsky and Mozart, both music prodigies would often hear their compositions as they relax and take long walks. This is just one of the many examples and incidences that show the connection between music and creativity. And for ordinary individuals, the connection between music and creativity can be seen in everyday experiences, and there’s a big chance that you have experienced this as well. Here are everyday experiences that show the connection between music and creativity.

Listening to music will help you daydream and focus on specific thoughts– Have you ever found yourself listening to music, and suddenly found yourself thinking about certain thoughts and ideas for the next few minutes? Or have you experienced a time wherein the lyrics of the song or the melody of the song allowed you to think of a special person, or perhaps a memorable episode in your life? These are just some of the examples that show the power of music. Certain songs have the power to let you think about certain ideas, and let you change your mood. You will only appreciate the connection once you are in the situation. For example, you are attending an acoustic concert, and you are watching the performance of the guitarist who plays an acoustic number, complete with his electric guitar with guitar pick-up. This situation may push you to reminisce about an event, or you will dream about a chance of picking the same instrument and play on the same stage.

Writers get inspiration from music– There are some writers who visit libraries and talk with other people, and there are those who listen to music to get inspiration. And the kind of music that is played in the background will depend on the writer’s personality and background. There are some writers who will listen to pop songs, and there are some writers who can get inspiration by playing rock and metal songs. In both cases, the songs played allowed them the writers to enter a creative environment where they can be free. And once the idea sinks in, the music slowly plays in the background and fades, making this as a kick-starter of creative juices.

Players listen to music to ‘get into the zone’ – You will know these athletes as soon as you enter a stadium and wait for a match to start. While waiting for the game or the match to start, players will listen to their favorite music and songs to get into the mood.

These are just examples of everyday experiences that show the connection between music and creativity. So when creativity matters, let your love for music shine through.