Music and Creativity-... music-and-creativity

Is there a connection between music and creativity, and how does music impact the creative side of a person? These are popular concerns raised by individuals who have studied and appreciated music through the years, and saw a possible link between the two. And if you are also looking for answers, then you should know [&hellip

Making Concerts Responsible... environment-friendly-concerts

So what makes a concert and a musical performance successful and memorable? What makes you say that you love and remember this concert? You know the usual reasons why the concert is great for you- the sounds are great, no there were no gaps in the performance, and musical instruments used are top-notch. While it [&hellip

Trends that Boost... Designer 20's using smart phone in home office, holding her 9 month old daughter. --- Image by © Jim Craigmyle/Corbis

As a consumer and as an individual actively participating in the affairs of the society, it’s important to include financial literacy in education. Although this ‘subject’ is not part of the curriculum of many colleges and universities, it’s critical that every person should be trained or at least introduced to financial literacy. In finance, financial [&hellip