Music and Creativity-... music-and-creativity

Is there a connection between music and creativity, and how does music impact the creative side of a person? These are popular concerns raised by individuals who have studied and appreciated music through the years, and saw a possible link between the two. And if you are also looking for answers, then you should know [&hellip

Principles to Remember... workout-music-1

There was a time when music is best enjoyed in pubs, at home or in concerts where individuals interact with like-minded individuals. These are the traditional places where music is consumed, and considered the best ways to share music as well. But thanks to new technologies and changing lifestyles, these are no longer just the [&hellip

Workout Music- Making... workout-music

For the longest time, working out has been recommended by health experts for a variety of reasons. Doctors and exercise practitioners are one in saying that working out can help a person sleep well, slow the aging process, help manage weight and build self-confidence. And in these workouts, many individuals tend to work out in [&hellip

Benefit Concerts and... charity-concerts

Music can deliver a variety of roles in different situations. Throughout history, music has been used to promote culture, and show the specific attributes of certain groups of people and communities. Music has been used as a form of self-expression, and as a way for individuals to express their ideas, principles and belief system. And [&hellip

Making Concerts Responsible... environment-friendly-concerts

So what makes a concert and a musical performance successful and memorable? What makes you say that you love and remember this concert? You know the usual reasons why the concert is great for you- the sounds are great, no there were no gaps in the performance, and musical instruments used are top-notch. While it [&hellip

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For many parents and young professionals who are planning to raise a family, music education, or at least an engagement in music and the arts, is one of the most effective ways of educating and the developing a child. This has been validated by a number of studies and researches that suggest that music training [&hellip

How Music in... Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, and Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana watch with their families as the balloons fall during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Thursday, July 21, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Political campaigns often bring out the best (and also the worst) in many campaign operations and the candidates themselves. Since the prize and the objectives of a political campaign are large in magnitude and can decide the future of a state or country, political campaign operatives leave nothing to chance when organizing a political campaign. [&hellip

Music and Self... music-n-kids

Parents only want the best of everything for their kids. This is why many parents are motivated to work so they can provide their households with the basic necessities and more. But aside from the physical needs that the kids need like food, shelter and clothing, the emotional, educational and psychological needs are also covered. [&hellip

Music and Health-... music-for-healing

For decades, many experts and practitioners have promoted the use of music in different environments, for a variety of reasons. It is believed that music can help the body in many ways, and can also have an impact on one’s mood. This is the reason why many individuals look for music or play their favorite [&hellip