Pogoplug? Skydrive? Dropbox?... Pogoplug? Skydrive? Dropbox? Make a Choice!

Are you looking into backing up your files on the cloud? If so, there are three main options that pop up when you do a simple search for online backup for files. The three main programs that pop up and catch the eye of the beginner are Skydrive, PogoPlug and Dropbox. So which one is [&hellip

Clouds Calling! Clouds Calling!

Are you looking for a program that allows you to store informaiton in a cloud setting? Not sure which option to choose from? If so, we can help you determine which one of the top cloud sharing programs is for you. The two options that we cover here are Carbonite and Crashplan. Crashplan Crashplan offers [&hellip

Find Affordable Cloud... Find Affordable Cloud Storage

Because of the many cloud storage providers out there, it’s very difficult finding the right one for your budget. Not all of us can afford to spend hundreds of dollars for a year-long subscription to a cloud storage provider, but rather pay small monthly fees. Also, not all of us need hundreds of a gigabytes [&hellip